Business Unit Financial Advisory strongly believes in dreams, but, dreams without actions remain illusions. addresses this statement delivering a full tailored bundle of financial services that fully support our customersalong the dreams accomplishment path.
Based on a wide, strong and multilevel network of relationship, helps its partners to drive intentions into real projects, throughout a complete and personalised fund rising process.

No matter if your needs are based on R&D project, on Private Public Partnership initiatives, on M&A operations or related to new markets explorations. will deliver effective solutions and smart financial advisory based either on innovative or equity funding models.

Appointing as a Client’s fund rising partner will exploit a number of benefits:

Efficient and time saving research of partners;

Clear and down to earth funding options;

Boost the time to market of your ideas;

Fair, Strong and win-winpartnership negotiation;

Performance and result based fees;

Charming design ofyour ideas and projects;

Smarter Speech tuning and faster funding application submission.