Business Unit Clients Representation

Sympathetic to the objectives of the various individual project stakeholders, CLIENT’S REPRESENTATIVE will first and foremost protect the Client’s interests — free from any potential conflicts — and perform an independent co- ordination role to ensure that all members of the project team are working towards a common goal. is totally comfortable with the language and vocabulary of design, and capable of leading the creative process: feels completely at home in a construction environment. ‘translates’ the objectives of the design team to the contractors, and vice versa, whilst mediating any conflicts that might occur between the two sides. maintains an independent overview of the detailed design development process and ensure that the project does not deviate from the client’s vision. provides creative and strategic input throughout the project process — whilst maintaining an appropriate degree of detachment — and integrate the works of the various specialist consultants; which does not ordinarily happen, un-aided, by itself.

Appointing as a Client’s Representative will result in a number of benefits:

Efficient management of pre—construction which will save time and money;

The value engineering process and the allocation of the project budget in the most effective way will be co-ordinated by an unbiased and experienced professional;

Any necessary additional specialist consultants that should be brought onto the project team will be identified and appointed in a timely manner, thereby minimizing costly “afterthoughts”;

The burden of the project development and delivery process can be removed from the client’s shoulders — thereby enabling the client to pursue other opportunities;

Potentially expensive mistakes can be avoided.

The appointment of as Client’s Representative will not increase overall project costs. Instead, significant financial and time saving will occur through focused and efficient processes. Therefore having as Client’s Representative will be self—financing.