Chairman Message

“If the facts and theory don’t match, change the facts”.… and, if Albert Einstein said that, a fundamental truth must be there…

More than two decades of experience in different industries (food & beverage, mechanical, process industries, heavy industries, …), engineering, construction. Work in more than 50 countries (up to date). Several hundreds of satisfied customers. Countless projects have been managed, cared for, succesfully delivered… from the small project for the local company to the multimillionaire international project. From the management of a supplier to the management of an international construction site with more than 500 people. All the above is based on a principle: “Whatever you do, do it well”.

These are the numbers – the business card – of EPCM .expert was established by the passion of people who have begun to work in early age, during the “summer holidays”, sweating the first salaries on the construction site under the sun.

Our path has started in this way, then passing to the studies of Engineering, Lean Production, Economy, Finance, Project Management and leading to a career rich in a variety of experiences.

Working experiences, many times in critical and dangerous situations, with countless nationalities, religions and foreign languages. Travels. Adventures. Satisfactions. Danger. Action. These are the solid foundations of EPCM .expert, a company which is shaped with the theory and often changing the facts.

EPCM .expert has always been active in such areas as design, installation, trading, production and management, over the years has developed a dense network of contacts and partnerships, which allows to suit the large and small customers in various macro sectors:
– 360 degree engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, process, structural,
– Production of Special Machines and Special Parts to design;
– Design, Production, Installation and Commissioning of Material Handling Equipments;
– Industrial plants, from the basic concept to the commissioning and handingover;
– Heavy Industry (Cement, Steel, Aluminum, Lime, Mining, Refinery, Energy, …);
– Food Industry;
– Maintenance from the single unit to the complete plants;
– Construction Management & Project Management also for the so called “High Net Worth Individuals”
– Project Financing and financial advisory.
The quantity of companies which are in trouble is increasing daily, often because of too much work and / or mismanagement. Different problems are happening, of various types, which solutions are complicated or expensive. Time is running. Customers want solutions, they pay for this.
EPCM .expert provides its unique experience at the appropriate time.
While some dream of the success… other wake up and work hard to get it…